Reading Tutor

In a month, I should be settled in somewhere in the metroplex with consistent wifi! However, I will begin registering students for the 2017-2018 school year as it creeps slowly our way. You can send me a message here on my blog or on my Facebook page, whichever works best or even send me a private email at You can also check out my linkedin page to see my background.

Previously, I was tutoring in Seattle, WA. I mostly tutored elementary students who struggled primarily with reading. I’ve tutored students as young as 4 and as old as 12.

I started tutoring elementary students one-on-one because after being in the classroom, I noticed that not all students were catching the finer details of the teacher’s lessons. It wasn’t that they were incapable, and actually I was impressed at how clever and creative struggling students could be to make sure they caught themselves up. But, then come the times when they just can’t do it anymore for whatever reason. It almost appears that their brain is clogged or over-full. Their behavior may decline or they exhibit other stress related conditions.

After noticing these students, I began tutoring privately.  I want to believe I’ve made a difference for the majority of my students. A few of my students have needed even more specific help from a Dyslexia teacher and I helped encourage parents to take this step if needed or if after 20 visits there was no improvement. After tutoring for a year and a half, I can probably tell a bit sooner if there will be a specialist needed.

Towards the end of the last school year, I enjoyed teaching ELL students and helping them with vocabulary and reading lessons and reading that was subject specific. I really enjoyed this new opportunity as I love to help improve the acquisition of our complex language. Thankfully, young students have an edge with their young spongy brains which learn quickly!

In the meantime, enjoy these last days of summer and don’t forget to throw  a bedtime story into your routine for good measure!

~Summer’s Peace.

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